Our Team

The team at the POP Lab, led by Aparna Nadig, is made up of research assistants, undergraduate research project students, masters and doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows all passionate about language development, social communication, and social interaction in the neurotypical population as well as those on the autism spectrum, and the social inclusion of people on the autism spectrum.

We support Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
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If you are a student interested in getting research experience, doing an honours project, or joining the lab please contact Professor Nadig at aparna.nadig@mcgill.ca.

First row: Nimmi V., Lizzie C., Aparna N., Ella V., Bingyi W. Second row: Jordyn D., Aaron G., Ekaterini T., Nida L., Alicia M., Avleen M., Nariman A., Véronique M.



Aparna Nadig

Lab director/Associate Professor

Angela MacDonald

PhD Student

Elizabeth Carolan

Master's thesis student

Aaron Glick

Master's thesis student

Nariman Amantayev

PhD student

Ella Vezina

Undergraduate Research Project student

Undergraduate student research volunteers

Jordyn Davloor

Émie Lévesque

Véronique Mallet

Yang Yi Lin Guo

Alyssa Di Cesare

Amanda Romeo

Nimmi Luckheenarain

Kouro-Maïram Baro

Sarah Gildone

Bingyi Wu

First row: Ella V., Kouro-Maïram B., Aparna N., Ekaterini T., Elizabeth C. Second row: Alicia M., Amanda R., Bingyi W., Émie L., Nimmi L.
Third row: Sarah G., Shutong Y., Véronique M., Yang Yi L. G., Angela M. Fourth row: Jordyn D., Nida L., Aaron G., Nariman A.


  • Prof. Kristine Onishi, Department of Psychology, McGill University
  • Prof. Tara Flanagan, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, McGill University
  • Prof. Susan Rvachew, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, McGill University

  • Alumni (2012-2021)

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    • Nida Latif, PhD, 2020
    • Megha Sharda, PhD, 2017
    • Melanie Eberhardt, PhD, 2015

    PhD Students

    • Janet Bang, PhD, 2017
    • Ana Maria Gonzalez-Barrero, PhD, 2017
    • Hanadi Bani Hani, PhD, 2015

    Master's Thesis Students

    • Céliane Trudel, 2016
    • Jesse Burns, 2012

    Clinical Master's Research Project Students

    • Elizabeth Carolan, 2019
    • Felix Li, 2018
    • Huong Hoang, 2016
    • Kayle Towsley, 2012

    Cognitive Science Research Project Students

    • Michelle Sasson, 2015
    • Shivani Seth, 2015

    Undergraduate Research Project Students co-supervised with Prof. Onishi

    • Gabriella Boffice, 2021
    • Katia Kutlesa, 2020
    • Emma Malcomber, 2020
    • Rachel Dufour, 2020
    • Cynthia DiFrancesco, 2019
    • Alexa Livingstone, 2019
    • Fauzia Saiyed, 2019
    • Sabrina Rao, 2019
    • Corentin Monitel, 2015
    • Melissa Ferland, 2015