Transition support service for young adults with ASD

Many young adults with ASD struggle with the transition from school to the community and support services are sorely lacking. Our recent research attempts to address this need by developing intervention programs and studying their effectiveness.

Watch our video on sharing perspectives of adults with ASD on their transition from school to the community, and sign our action letter or access to transition support services!


Selected Conference Presentations

  1. White, K., Flanagan, T. D., & Nadig, A. (2014, June). McGill Transition Support Program for young adults with ASDs: Preliminary Findings. Poster presentation at the 138th meeting of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Orlando, Florida.
  2. Flanagan, T., Nadig, A. & White, K. (2013, May). An assessment of needs to guide a transition support program for young adults with ASDs. Poster presented at the 12th Annual International Meeting for Autism Research, San Sebastian, Spain.

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